New topic

Okay, so, I’ve come to tell you my ideas.

I was doing some keyword research yesterday using the free Google Keyword tool. I wanted something I already knew about. Something I did not have to research. Something I had material on at home (excluding the internet).

That’s where this goes into a personal story of how sibling rivalry led to something good, something I cherish, and something I’ll do forever in life.

Play piano.

BUT! That’s not my topic at all. Too competitive. There’s a billion online piano lessons sites out there. There’s plenty more that are actually.. good? Moreover, that would take a LOT of time to build a product for.

My topic is how to read music.

I can touch on piano. I can talk about how to practice piano to get good at music reading. The two somewhat merge into each other (because piano is pretty much the #1 instrument to use sheet music).

Most of all, I know how to to do this. I’ve done it for most of my life. I’m 25 right now (gosh I’m old). I’ve done it since I was 4.

So yea, that’s my topic. I have a site up. I have posted some content albeit slowly. So it’s definitely in progress.

I already know there’s an audience out there that can play piano and can’t read music (I secretly admire them).

I know I can easily build a mailing list offering popular sheet music that people can practice from. If not sheet music, I can offer additional tips. I can offer short videos that I post on youtube. I can offer a question and answer service.

I can even dare to start a membership site to where members can watch videos of me explaining things. This option of monetization sounds really good to me.

I can also incorporate other instruments (I’ve played guitar, clarinet, harmonica, and violin).


One response to “New topic

  1. Hey this sounds like a great topic and quite niche, but sounds like you already know there’s an audience for it. Way to go! Looking forward to seeing how it progresses!

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