Progress Report

I picked a domain ( and topic. Here is where I am now.

Posts: I have 5 posts already published (some still need improvement and more detail). I have a list of 6 topics I plan on covering. I want to go back through all my post and add related products from Amazon. I also want to add videos to some of the posts but I need to find myself a camcorder for that. I’m thinking about picking up a Flip cam.

Facebook: Still need to set up a page. I want to include some branding material on the page so it’s going to take a little more thought than just logging into facebook.

Twitter: See facebook. Same thing with creating some sort of branding to gain more exposure.

Mailing List: I’m going with Mailchimp for now. I need to design an opt-in form. I think I’m also going to sync it with the blog like Corbett does with Think Traffic.

Layout: I’m using Thesis again and have a basic design up. I’m going to redesign it right before I “launch” it. I definitely want to stick with a black and white theme but I think having a third color just to draw out the important points.

SEO: I have All in One SEO installed. I have the default configurations. I assume they’re default for a reason. I think this is just something I’ll have to look into but I want to hold off until I’m more ready for people to find my site.

Monetization: Alongside with Amazon, I am looking into online piano lessons affiliate programs. I’m trying to steer clear of Adsense for this project (nothing personal, it just doesn’t seem to be the ideal strategy).

Products: I also want to create practice books sorted by level that I can sell for super cheap (it has to be cheaper than what you’d find in stores so I’m thinking a dollar per practice book). I’m thinking each practice book should be 5-7 pages (also why I don’t want it to be pricey). I’m still trying to find out the easiest way to do this with sheet music.

Workbooks could also be an alternative where it’s less piano based and more focused on reading music.


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