Wow it’s starting to look like a site

So here’s another update of how much I got done since I last posted. But first, I want to say, I absolutely have fallen in love with Evernote. Okay…

Posts: I wrote another post last night. So now I have 6 posts. I also went back and edited some posts. A lot of work still needed on the amount of detail. I want to be super detailed and super specific.

Facebook: Hopefully going to do this tonight.

Twitter: See Facebook.

Mailing List: Got my list created in mailchimp and put in a simple opt-in form in the sidebar. I still need to design something a little bit nicer.

Layout: I’m still using Thesis but I’ve redesigned it to fit. I could launch with this design but I need to think about it…

SEO: I haven’t really touched on this yet. I’m not too worried yet.

Monetization: Still need to add related amazon products along with finding software that will let me create sheet music. I’ve decided to give the practice sheets away for free as a once-a-week autoresponder since I’m going to assume I can create them fairly easily. This can be my opt-in reward. Then I’m going to start a membership site that includes videos.

So there’s still some stuff to do. I’m waiting on some spare cash to pick up a camera and a whiteboard. However, I’m really feeling good about the pace I’m going considering I only bought the domain a few days ago.

Edit: I also updated the sidebar of this blog to reflect the new project.


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