What’s up lately

I’ve really spent some time on the blog. It’s been quite interesting actually because back in May, my piano teacher passed away. I thought at the time that I didn’t absorb as much as I could have and that I needed more time to learn more about music theory and all that.

Writing the past week or so, it really shows me how much I really did learn which in turn made me appreciate my late piano teacher even more. Granted I’ve always had piano lessons since I was four but I’ve never been taught that much about music theory until my last piano teacher. He was great and enthusiastic. I’d be surprised if someone couldn’t learn from him. However, the point of telling about this is that writing about this is really showing me things I didn’t think I know about myself. Like what an awesome learner I am.

My Evernote account has so much stuff in it. I have a page just for the to-do list and I’ve been keeping copies of my posts in there so that I can rewrite it for other places.

I’m starting to build backlinks to my site and slowly get it discovered. Not much significant traffic but I’m doing the links manually sort of. In the past, I’ve used Unique Article Wizard and Instant Article Factory. However, they’re just not worth my money really. Again, backlinks are about quality and not quantity. I also want to not abuse spinning articles which is why I got rid of any fancy tools like spinners and automatic article submission. I really want to put the elbow work into this. I love piano and playing music. It’s been my life and I don’t have a memory in my small head about a time I didn’t play. I think just that little tidbit, I really need to put more thought behind this blog than any other.

I started a facebook page. I have yet to learn where I should start.

I even have a twitter account for this blog.

It’s a marathon, not a race which is why I’ve jumped off the obsessive wheel to prevent burnout. I really only work on my website when the boyfriend is playing computer games, or when I just get home from work or something. It helps that I type pretty fast so I usually get a lot done.

I get too sentimental when I update this thing. Something about the wordpress interface makes me think and reflect on past times.


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