Cultivating Habits

I still have a day job. I work for a big dotcom corporation that most people who haven’t been living under a rock probably knows about. However, because I’m paranoid, I refuse to tell you my company’s name. So you’re just going to have trust me that I do in fact work for a dotcom.

So our website at work just it 6.14 billion pageviews. BILLIONS even. Like holy moly… Imagine having 6.14 BILLION pageviews. On a site you own?! See, I personally don’t have any personal attachment to my company’s website. I work on it everyday and produce content and do development work when needed and all that. But I feel (and realistically, I am) a small part of a huge effort. However, I think it really comes down to the fact that it’s my job.

I remember this one day, my boss and I were having a chat about how we need to update things more on the regular to keep people coming back. This proposed updating schedule was Monday, Wednesday, Friday. He said something along the lines of “cultivating a habit” hence the title of this post.

In essence, the point was to get regular updates out in a timely manner so that our readers can start to expect new content instead of thinking that channel (section of a website) was dead.

How can a website have 6.14 billion pageviews if something isn’t being updated? You ask.

Because we’re like a bad butter sandwich. We spread our stuff too thin and due to the economy and the nature of our business, we’ve had layoffs which means less bandwidth to continually update certain parts of the site. The 80-20 rule doesn’t exist within my company. We never delete anything. NEVER.

Back to cultivating habits… So I start updating regularly and my boss signed me up for regular analytics updates that’s emailed to me every week. There used to be a joke about how only 5 people look at the channel I’m updating. Well, golly gee, after a few months of consistent updates and all that, traffic actually increased! I’ll be damned!

It’s not that we had constant content coming in. I mean, we only posted about 10-15 pieces a week on average over 5 subsections of the site. It was just the few new pieces that did it. The change. The “hey you came here for a reason” pull. The reason why we still look through google searches.

Because shit’s new.

I’m sorry, I swear a lot.

So in the short of it, I made a schedule for my blog. What I’m doing on which days doesn’t matter. I really just wanted to tell about how it had an impact to where maybe one person might just come up with a schedule.


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