Here is what I’ve done this week:

– I wanted to hash out a blog design that I could be happy with. I’ve pretty much got it figured out. The only thing in question is the header image but that’s easily changed.

– created a wordpress widget for my opt in form. It was causing some CSS conflicts having it just sit in a text widget.

– added a Facebook button. I’m trying to utilize this as a free resource of other tutorials on the internet instead of a glorified RSS feed.

– started my rank building in google. This is just going to be an on-going process so this is probably the last time (not!) that I’ll talk about it.

This week, here is what I want to complete:

– start mindmapping a product idea.

– start experimenting using different sidebar per post/page to display more relevant content.

– figure out a tagging system for WordPress. Tags often get messy so I think I’m going to research a set list, add those into WordPress, and pick my tags out of those.

– make at least one video post. I’m thinking Mondays would be a good time for video posts since I’d have the weekend to film it and edit it.

Other notes:

Having a blogging schedule has been working wonders for me. I don’t feel like I have to be constantly writing blog posts. I feel like I spend more time and give more thoughts on blog posts because I give myself 2 days to write it. I feel like I’m not ignoring other aspects such as promotion and things. It’s just really nice having a day/time for everything.


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