My First Subscriber

I got my first email subscriber today!

I never thought I’d make a page purely to convince someone to sign up for my email list. Never! This is the least prominent page on my entire site and is only linked to in one small area – right under the sidebar opt-in form.

What prompted me to do this?

Mailchimp can give you a URL that will create an opt-in form in a new window. However, it’s very impersonalized and it’s not on my site. Why would I want someone to opt in if they never even laid a foot on my domain? Right?

Yea, that’s my idea anyways.

So I created a page purely to link elsewhere (such as Facebook – which was my original reason). However, I’m sure I’ll find other places to link this page.

So if you think you’re going to do this, my formula goes like this:

Headline is something about signing up.

Intro blurb should be about how if they want to get free email updates, they should sign up. Basically reiterating what this page is for.

[I contemplated on inserting an opt-in form here but my page was too short to really justify it.]

Next: headline about what’s in it for them if they sign up

Next: List of reasons (I came up with 6)

Opt in form

Then, social media links.

This squeeze page thing isn’t something I thought I would be doing but more and more, I’m finding uses for them. I’m just happy that they’re not the first page visitors see. Instead, they see, I do have content. I do have free downloads. I do have regular posts.

I also started writing tomorrow’s blog post. I’m super good at multitasking (which studies show is actually bad for you)!


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