New Strategy

The more I work on my blog, the more my motivations change. Originally, it was to find a way to pick a topic I enjoy and monetize it. Now it’s grown to where “Shoot, I just wanna be awesome in my niche.”

I think that making money is still the ultimate end goal even though I feel like it’s dropped in my priorities quite a bit. However, I’ve been reading a lot about how to create quality content. I still have no definitive method of doing this. I have also been reading a lot about writing headlines. It’s a very interesting topic indeed.

I used to think a good writer needed to be good with words but with all the reading I’ve done today, I’ve come to the conclusion that a good writer needs to understand people. I know this is true but I can’t elaborate much further than this until I spend more time learning about it.

So if you take a look at the music blog, you can see I’m using a free theme now. I couldn’t stand my own theme much more and it wasn’t doing it for me. This is the first and most obvious change. The other changes will be more subtle as it has a lot to do with how I write.

I have my post for Monday done and in WordPress. I want to spend some time improving upon it and I think I’m going to link some videos of awesome things.

I got my tripod in yesterday but I’m not quite ready to make videos quite yet. I’m waiting until Thursday when I have my house to myself to see if I have it in me. I’m a really shy person off the internet. It’ll be hard to inject enough personality without sounding like “Oh my gosh, I don’t wanna be here” which from experience, is how I usually sound in videos.

If I could manage making videos though, that would be awesome.


New topic

Okay, so, I’ve come to tell you my ideas.

I was doing some keyword research yesterday using the free Google Keyword tool. I wanted something I already knew about. Something I did not have to research. Something I had material on at home (excluding the internet).

That’s where this goes into a personal story of how sibling rivalry led to something good, something I cherish, and something I’ll do forever in life.

Play piano.

BUT! That’s not my topic at all. Too competitive. There’s a billion online piano lessons sites out there. There’s plenty more that are actually.. good? Moreover, that would take a LOT of time to build a product for.

My topic is how to read music.

I can touch on piano. I can talk about how to practice piano to get good at music reading. The two somewhat merge into each other (because piano is pretty much the #1 instrument to use sheet music).

Most of all, I know how to to do this. I’ve done it for most of my life. I’m 25 right now (gosh I’m old). I’ve done it since I was 4.

So yea, that’s my topic. I have a site up. I have posted some content albeit slowly. So it’s definitely in progress.

I already know there’s an audience out there that can play piano and can’t read music (I secretly admire them).

I know I can easily build a mailing list offering popular sheet music that people can practice from. If not sheet music, I can offer additional tips. I can offer short videos that I post on youtube. I can offer a question and answer service.

I can even dare to start a membership site to where members can watch videos of me explaining things. This option of monetization sounds really good to me.

I can also incorporate other instruments (I’ve played guitar, clarinet, harmonica, and violin).