Pro Motion

This week has been all about promotion which consists of the following:

– Posting in article directories. Every article I post is completely new and I’m not using any spinning software. I find writing a new article is less tedious than trying to spin a blog post.

– Signing up for forums. Have yet to participate.

– Finally posting to my social media pages.

– Researching more ways to gain exposure to my blog.

I’ve done some technical work on my blog:

– Working on a new design. It’s still in development (more like design). I was going to do something in resemblance to Corbett’s Think Traffic layout but I’m not feeling like it’ll work for my site.

– I’ve eliminated some plugins. I didn’t use a whole lot to begin with but I had a Google analytics plugin that wasn’t working as it was suppose to as it was counting my page previews and sometimes my own visits. I decided to just incorporate this into my theme manually.

– Added a Kindle subscription for my blog


What’s up lately

I’ve really spent some time on the blog. It’s been quite interesting actually because back in May, my piano teacher passed away. I thought at the time that I didn’t absorb as much as I could have and that I needed more time to learn more about music theory and all that.

Writing the past week or so, it really shows me how much I really did learn which in turn made me appreciate my late piano teacher even more. Granted I’ve always had piano lessons since I was four but I’ve never been taught that much about music theory until my last piano teacher. He was great and enthusiastic. I’d be surprised if someone couldn’t learn from him. However, the point of telling about this is that writing about this is really showing me things I didn’t think I know about myself. Like what an awesome learner I am.

My Evernote account has so much stuff in it. I have a page just for the to-do list and I’ve been keeping copies of my posts in there so that I can rewrite it for other places.

I’m starting to build backlinks to my site and slowly get it discovered. Not much significant traffic but I’m doing the links manually sort of. In the past, I’ve used Unique Article Wizard and Instant Article Factory. However, they’re just not worth my money really. Again, backlinks are about quality and not quantity. I also want to not abuse spinning articles which is why I got rid of any fancy tools like spinners and automatic article submission. I really want to put the elbow work into this. I love piano and playing music. It’s been my life and I don’t have a memory in my small head about a time I didn’t play. I think just that little tidbit, I really need to put more thought behind this blog than any other.

I started a facebook page. I have yet to learn where I should start.

I even have a twitter account for this blog.

It’s a marathon, not a race which is why I’ve jumped off the obsessive wheel to prevent burnout. I really only work on my website when the boyfriend is playing computer games, or when I just get home from work or something. It helps that I type pretty fast so I usually get a lot done.

I get too sentimental when I update this thing. Something about the wordpress interface makes me think and reflect on past times.

Wow it’s starting to look like a site

So here’s another update of how much I got done since I last posted. But first, I want to say, I absolutely have fallen in love with Evernote. Okay…

Posts: I wrote another post last night. So now I have 6 posts. I also went back and edited some posts. A lot of work still needed on the amount of detail. I want to be super detailed and super specific.

Facebook: Hopefully going to do this tonight.

Twitter: See Facebook.

Mailing List: Got my list created in mailchimp and put in a simple opt-in form in the sidebar. I still need to design something a little bit nicer.

Layout: I’m still using Thesis but I’ve redesigned it to fit. I could launch with this design but I need to think about it…

SEO: I haven’t really touched on this yet. I’m not too worried yet.

Monetization: Still need to add related amazon products along with finding software that will let me create sheet music. I’ve decided to give the practice sheets away for free as a once-a-week autoresponder since I’m going to assume I can create them fairly easily. This can be my opt-in reward. Then I’m going to start a membership site that includes videos.

So there’s still some stuff to do. I’m waiting on some spare cash to pick up a camera and a whiteboard. However, I’m really feeling good about the pace I’m going considering I only bought the domain a few days ago.

Edit: I also updated the sidebar of this blog to reflect the new project.

Progress Report

I picked a domain ( and topic. Here is where I am now.

Posts: I have 5 posts already published (some still need improvement and more detail). I have a list of 6 topics I plan on covering. I want to go back through all my post and add related products from Amazon. I also want to add videos to some of the posts but I need to find myself a camcorder for that. I’m thinking about picking up a Flip cam.

Facebook: Still need to set up a page. I want to include some branding material on the page so it’s going to take a little more thought than just logging into facebook.

Twitter: See facebook. Same thing with creating some sort of branding to gain more exposure.

Mailing List: I’m going with Mailchimp for now. I need to design an opt-in form. I think I’m also going to sync it with the blog like Corbett does with Think Traffic.

Layout: I’m using Thesis again and have a basic design up. I’m going to redesign it right before I “launch” it. I definitely want to stick with a black and white theme but I think having a third color just to draw out the important points.

SEO: I have All in One SEO installed. I have the default configurations. I assume they’re default for a reason. I think this is just something I’ll have to look into but I want to hold off until I’m more ready for people to find my site.

Monetization: Alongside with Amazon, I am looking into online piano lessons affiliate programs. I’m trying to steer clear of Adsense for this project (nothing personal, it just doesn’t seem to be the ideal strategy).

Products: I also want to create practice books sorted by level that I can sell for super cheap (it has to be cheaper than what you’d find in stores so I’m thinking a dollar per practice book). I’m thinking each practice book should be 5-7 pages (also why I don’t want it to be pricey). I’m still trying to find out the easiest way to do this with sheet music.

Workbooks could also be an alternative where it’s less piano based and more focused on reading music.

New topic

Okay, so, I’ve come to tell you my ideas.

I was doing some keyword research yesterday using the free Google Keyword tool. I wanted something I already knew about. Something I did not have to research. Something I had material on at home (excluding the internet).

That’s where this goes into a personal story of how sibling rivalry led to something good, something I cherish, and something I’ll do forever in life.

Play piano.

BUT! That’s not my topic at all. Too competitive. There’s a billion online piano lessons sites out there. There’s plenty more that are actually.. good? Moreover, that would take a LOT of time to build a product for.

My topic is how to read music.

I can touch on piano. I can talk about how to practice piano to get good at music reading. The two somewhat merge into each other (because piano is pretty much the #1 instrument to use sheet music).

Most of all, I know how to to do this. I’ve done it for most of my life. I’m 25 right now (gosh I’m old). I’ve done it since I was 4.

So yea, that’s my topic. I have a site up. I have posted some content albeit slowly. So it’s definitely in progress.

I already know there’s an audience out there that can play piano and can’t read music (I secretly admire them).

I know I can easily build a mailing list offering popular sheet music that people can practice from. If not sheet music, I can offer additional tips. I can offer short videos that I post on youtube. I can offer a question and answer service.

I can even dare to start a membership site to where members can watch videos of me explaining things. This option of monetization sounds really good to me.

I can also incorporate other instruments (I’ve played guitar, clarinet, harmonica, and violin).